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About Us

The Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC) is a non-profit organisation that serves as the collaborative mechanism for water research. The services the GWRC offers its members is water research information and knowledge. The GWRC will not compete with any of the member organisations. Each member organisation will still focus on national and regional water research issues.


The aim of the GWRC is to leverage funding and expertise amongst the participating research organisations, coordinate research strategies, secure additional funding not available to single country research foundations, and actively manage a centralised approach to global issues.


The present members of the GWRC are listed below. See GWRC Members and Partners for more information on member organisations and links to their individual web sites.

The member organisations are all in charge of a national research program addressing the urban water cycle. They have provided the impetus, credibility, and initial funding for the GWRC. Each member and associated partner brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the Coalition.


The US Environmental Protection Agency was the first partner of the GWRC, with the first partnership agreement signed in July 2003. 

In addition, the GWRC is affiliated with the International Water Association, whose strong international network of scientific professionals and water managers will aid in the development of a solid global research agenda and the dissemination of knowledge.


Through its member organisations, the GWRC represents the interests and needs of over 500 million consumers and has access to a research program with an annual budget of more than € 150 million.


The GWRC is always welcoming new memberships to enable a good global representation with respect to knowledge and needs of the whole world water community as long as the criteria of membership is met.