Current ongoing projects

Ongoing Activities

The first topic forming part of the research collaboration of the GWRC was on "Endocrine Disrupting Compounds": A research planning workshop (Pretoria, October 2002) had been organised to exchange available information within the GWRC membership, and to identify the knowledge gaps and research needs.

Since then the focus has been on the development and implementation of research strategies in the areas of energy and climate change, the review and expansion of information of the research agenda and the exchange of information and discussion on emerging issues regarding present and future developments within the urban water cycle.


The main activities completed recently are summarised below:

- Research Workshops on Microplastics, Antibiotic Resistance and Bioanalytical Tools have taken place;

- Working Groups on "Water Quality and Emerging Pollutants",  "Wastewater Treatment"  have met on several occasions;

- Inventory of new emerging issues are undertaken yearly;

- New projects commenced in the areas of Water Quality (endocrine disruptors), Risk Prioritisation, Antibiotic Resistance

- Compendiums summarising members and partners expertise and case studies on Energy Efficiency and Phosphorus Recovery are underway;

- Knowledge collaboration on microplastic research is underway.

With these activities the Global Water Research Coalition is achieving its goal towards  "Cooperation for worldwide water knowledge, innovation and progress"